About Us

Fresh NZ produce

RD8 is a successful fresh produce export company. We utilise the most efficient supply chain structure to source and ship the highest quality New Zealand fruit to
overseas buyers. Our platform provides our customers and suppliers with the ability to work closely with the people driving our business on a day-to-day basis.

This connected point of difference, along with a strong background
in produce knowledge, innovation, logistics, supply chain management and a real
understanding of our customers’ and suppliers’ needs, sets us apart.

We partner exclusively with leading New Zealand growers producing the highest
quality fruit from regions including Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Nelson, Canterbury, and Central Otago.

RD8 Fresh Produce has built a reputation for quality and reliability that enables our customers to trust that when they order from us, they will get exactly what they want each time, on time, and to the highest possible standards.

Fresh approach

Our customers and suppliers are our focus!

Rather than sitting in an office all day, our staff are in orchards and fruit-packing
houses that we work alongside. This enables us to build relationships and consistently deliver the highest quality fresh produce grown in New Zealand. 

We immerse ourselves in the markets through regular visits to engage with customers. Building on long standing relationships with some of the best importers and distributors in our chosen markets.

Our commitment to varietal, brand, and supplier exclusivity, ensures that when an
order is placed, our customers will not see their competitors selling the same product.

RD8 Fresh Produce exports to countries and continents including Australia, Cambodia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Europe, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Middle East, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Vietnam.

Pure Source

Our Philosophy

It can equally be explained as a way of doing business and as a commitment to excellence.

Craig Hall coined the term Pure Source to describe the fertile pure, unspoiled environment in which the fruit that RD8 Fresh Produce exports overseas is grown. Fresh water and soil lead to outstanding plant health and the tastiest fruit available.

Pure Source speaks to a combination of the clean, green image for which New Zealand is so well known and the country’s unique climate and geography.

New Zealand has some of the world’s highest food safety standards. RD8 Fresh Produce is dedicated to maintaining those standards. The fruit we export to our valued overseas customers is only the purest product nurtured and sustained by the land in this beautiful part of the world that we call home.

Hawkes Bay
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