New Zealand is renowned for its unique mix of both traditional and exciting new apple
varieties. At RD8 we know that we can provide the most discerning consumer with an
unsurpassed apple eating experience.

RD8 Fresh Produce exports Class 1 conventionally or fully certified organically
(IFOAM standard) grown apples.

Our varieties provide an excellent selection of attractive, flavourful, texturally
superior apple options. Ensuring a varietal mix that suits a wide range of consumer
preference for taste, texture, and eye appeal.

RD8 Apples are grown across New Zealand’s main production regions. Each has a
distinct natural microclimate, nutrient-rich soils, and dedicated growers. A
geographical spread of sites provides a naturally diverse harvest window starting with
Gisborne in the North down to Central Otago in the South. Supply security is
strengthened in the event of a natural climatic event in any one region.

Our growers are the best this country has to offer and are certified to the highest
required industry food and phytosanitary standards. Together we aim to provide our
customers with a diverse range of safe, nutritious apples that provide the ultimate
eating experience.

All fruit is packed in state-of-the-art facilities, certified to strict international
compliance standards. These sites lead the industry for development and adherence to
industry best practice for packaging, grade standards, packing, cool chain, market
access, and export logistics.

We ship fruit of the highest possible standard every time.


Braeburn, Dazzle™, Fuji, Gilmac™ , Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, KORU®, Luscious™,  NZ Queen, NZ Rose, Pink Lady®, Royal Gala, Red Delicious, Tarzi®


Big Crunch™ , Big Crunch™ Gilmac™ , Big Crunch™ Organic, Central Organics, Dazzle™, Energie™ , Honeycrisp, KORU®, Love Bite, Luscious™ , Pink Lady®, Tarzi®

Growing regions:

North Island: Gisborne, Hawkes Bay
South Island: Canterbury, Central Otago, Nelson

Managed Varieties

DazzleTM (c.v. PremA129)


KORU® (c.v. Plumac)

(c.v. )

Tarzi® (c.v. Virmac)


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